In early March, when the pandemic hit and the world was starting to quarantine due to COVID-19.We prepared for the worst. .

However, We did not predict what actually happened

an influx of orders larger than any we’ve experienced in a single month.

We had anticipated a decline in orders, but what happened instead was a unprecedented rise not just in our orders, but in on-demand production across the industry.

Suddenly, we were receiving more orders than we ever had before and our network of manufacturing partners were now operating with skeleton crews due to new health and safety standards enforcing social distancing.

Within a few short weeks, on-demand manufacturing across the world became completely inundated with order volume, and we saw the same with shipping carriers and raw material suppliers. The entire eCommerce supply chain had experienced a dramatic and rapid shift that even companies like Amazon weren’t ready for.

Why production is delayed

If you’ve ordered other things online in the past several months, you likely experienced delays -as major retailers across the world are struggling to maintain the same quick processing & shipping times that customers have grown to expect. And the same is true within the Missfits  production network.

Manufacturers now have to reduce their staff, vigorously clean equipment & work areas often, and maintain appropriate social distancing protocol, and you can imagine it creates a perfect storm of disordered production. Not only that, but we’ve also seen a reduction in raw materials and shipping delays nearly everywhere.

Newer orders shipping before older orders

In addition to these production and shipping issues, we've noticed some older orders have been taking longer to produce than newer orders. Some production facilities have experienced technical issues in their order processing that unfortunately pushed newer orders ahead of older ones — a problem that, at first, went unnoticed in attempting to catch up with the backlog.

It’s also is important to note that, in general, production time varies across all product categories. For instance, Minky Blankets can be produced more quickly than Quilted Comforters, so if an order for both is placed,  it’s highly possible that the Minky Blanket order will be produced and shipped first and shipped separately.

Production delay for certain products

All of our manufacturers are looking for safe and effective ways to increase production and high levels of demand, without jeopardizing the health of their employees during these unpredictable times. They are doing their best to keep fulfilling your orders while making sure safety standards are being maintained. Unfortunately, we're still seeing some extended production times for many products. 

You may have noticed that some of our products have disappeared from our website, or that your order was "tweaked" and a new order issued.

Missfits has 4 major manufacturing partners - 3 out of 4 have performed outstandingly well during this crazy time, unfortunately , one of our partners did not perform well under pressure at all.

Affected products are

Quilted Comforters
Slip Covers
Some Tote Bags and Shoulder Bags but not the majority
Vegan Leather Boots
Hooded Blankets
and more

We saw the difficulties start to arise several weeks ago, and pulled all the products from sale so as not to cause any further backlogs.
We have found replacements for some of these products, which has meant some price increases but also some major improvements in print and product quality. 


Hooded Blankets have now got 2 options and include a Premium Sherpa Edition which has a higher price than the original, but they also have a Fleece Lined Standard version which has the same original price.

Quilted Comforters have been replaced - we no longer have the 3 Piece Sets, but the Comforter product itself is Premium Quality and is slightly more expensive.

Car Seat Covers - we have found an alternative supplier for these